Hans-Benjamin Braun (Physicist, Mathematician)

Here is the Corona Investigative Committee Berlin interview, No 162 - in which physicist Hans-Benjamin Braun which is one of the worlds most accountable, renowned physicists - laid out on 1 July 2023 all the evidence revolving the usage of nuclear weapons in the Baltic sea, when the US detonated those in the waters of Sweden and Denmark.

Unfortunately, it is only held in German language.




Thermonuklear • Das 3. Jahrtausend

Another discussion about this, was in the series "the 3rd Millennium", in which the use of nuceal weapons been used to blow up the North Stream pipelines was explained in more details, among others with the same Dirk Pohlmann who spoke in front of the UN Security Council.

In German language:



Swebb TV • Nyhets Analys No. 93

And here we have the swedish discussion about the thermonuclear explosions in the Baltic Sea in the water of Scandinavia, according to physicist Hans-Benjamin Braun

In Swedish Language

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