My goddess... so utmost sensitive. When you have truly sharp lenses... even the first curtain (electronic) shutter will lead to a slight micro blur. So, I had to use totally electronic shutter... (which however can give problems with LED lighting).


Very sensitive to shutter vibrations

But at least it addressed the slight micro blur. Amazing how sensitive things are, once you go into the realm of higher resolutions on a sensor... Even the slightest sloppiness creates already a degradation.

Now image those who sit on a 100 MP sensor, or those on a 150 MP sensor (such as Phase One cameras).

Well, it just teaches me a lesson. And reminded me in practice of what medium format is about: DISCIPLINE !!! If you want stellar, technical results.


Still, I was surprised

The Pentax 6x7 lenses are not fully as sensitive, simply because they are not as super critically sharp on modern digital sensor. Once you use very sharp lenses, such as the Canon EF 200/2 L IS - which i used fully manually on a tripod - and is a lot sharper even in the finest details - especially when stopped down... then it all is revealed. Or degraded.


Tripod is almost a must for critical work

So yeah... Tripod is (almost) a must with high performance lenses and high resolution sensor. Albeit mirrorless cameras have gotten rid of big slapping mirrors... we still have the problem of vibrations. As the shutter itself also can induce vibrations = micro blur. The shutter in the Fujifilm GFX 50s II is a big bigger, and has more heft to it than i am used to from fullframe cameras or Micro Four Third cameras.

Even when using a first electronic shutter but ending the exposure with mechanical second curtain - it can still - and is sometimes - introducing micro blur, degrading sharpness in the image.

I didn't fully expect that...

So, medium format photography isn't as glamorous *clicky-clicky* and fast to work with, as it may sound. The quality has it price - and it must be paid with discipline.



What have i gotten myself into ?!

Rolling my eyes *grin*

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