Most not as well performing fullframe lenses - can still be used - for example if you crop them like in the photo above. Some call it 1x1, I often call it "6x6" because it reminds me of the classic Hasselblad 6x6 negative format look.

In the image above i used the Canon EF 24/1.4 L II lens - which was not such a great performer on a Fuji GFX really. But at the same time, cropping the image to a square format - and thanks to the large GFX sensor - then making the image smaller - and voilá - it looks suddenly very sharp.

I mean, i can accept the quality that is shown in the main photo above - no problem what so ever !

So, the 24/1.4 L lens might still come in handy if i need a BRIGHT WIDE ANGLE lens. I can still emulate those "Hasselblad 6x6" images by cropping it, and making it smaller.

Totally doable, and convincing. At least here in my Diary it is.

It is also my next widest lens for the Fuji GFX 50s II camera - but again, only in a square format. And speaking of 6x6 square format - I may look again at the Canon FD 20mm f 2.8 lens - using it as a square format lens. It was an interesting performer - and of course wider. It might actually work for the 1:1 crop factor, or the "Hasselblad 6x6" look-a-like format. Because this lens worked well in the center. It's just the extreme borders that were very funky. But once those are "cut off" - it should work.

I'll test that more closely


Along the road...

I think in the future, I may actually one day buy the native Fujinon GF 23mm f 4 lens. The lens is stunning, and i prefer it to the zoom that Fuji later introduced. As a lens especially made for wide angle views on a Fuji GFX, i think the 23mm lens is a stunner (equivalent to 18mm on fullframe). The second hand prices are decent, because many photographers skipped this lens in favor for the wide angle zoom, also known as Fujifilm GF 20-35mm F4 R WR

The question is of course... do I need it. If the Canon EF 24/1.4 L II in the square format make wonderful image, especially when stopped down to ƒ5.6 or ƒ6.7 - then that is totally enough for my diary here. But then again... as a manual focus lens. I am sure the Fuji GF 23mm f4 has a much better bokeh, compared to the Canon EF 24/1.4 L II lens.

I show you how funky it looks:

Canon EF 24/1.4 L II lens, wide open at ƒ 1.4 on the Fujifilm GFX 50s II


Very unpleasant background bokeh

in my opinion. But that's likely not my primary motive with this wide angle lens (which on the Fuji turns into an equivalent of a 19 mm lens) I am absolutely sure that the native Fujinon GF 23mm f 4 lens does a better job regarding the background blur.

On the other hand... I could change the funky bokeh digitally ? Let's see... I make a crude change to the background bokeh character....


Better ?

a bit, yes. I could have made it a little less blurry, so it is more natural. However, i said "crude" - so, it was just a quick & dirty test.

The result is good enough for my Personal Diary here, and makes the Canon EF 24/1.4 L II usable in a quadratic crop size. After all - I am not exactly having an exhibition at an Art Museum

Let's get real here; it's just Raffe's Personal PhotoDiary...

- 197 -