Of course it works. Even with the somewhat funky, old manual vintage lens, the Canon FD 20mm f 2.8 - when cropped to the square format 1:1 (6x6) - it works for my Diary. I mean, what is there not to like ?!

Sometimes I think i overdo thing - when comparing to what i am using my images for. For my Diary - almost anything above 12 MP is an overkill. The Fuji GFX 50s II with it's huge sensor, and 51 Megapixels, is definitely an overkill for what i use my images for.

So, even if some fullframe lenses are a bit "mediocre" - they can be fully used in a square format with convincing quality. The Canon FD 20mm f 2.8 turns into a 16 mm lens (if the whole GFX sensor would been used). By cropping it, it resembles more like a 20mm again - only now in a quadratic format.

Boy, so many options...

However, I seem to have settled on the Hasselblad 6x6 square look anyway.

I really, really enjoy it.

Well let's be honest here. I enjoy EVERYTHING right now :-)

- 198 -