The images too, was made at very low light levels - but the Fuji (Sony) medium format sensor allows wonderful colors. It was taken with 30 sec exposure time, at ƒ 11 with the Sigma 105/1.4 ART lens.


Book worm - and not

I have bought so many books in the past 3 years (around 100-140 books, most not even shown here) - but yet i have not read so many of them... yet. Partially because my time simply isn't enough to spend many hours reading. But also because I've not gotten into the habit of reading books due too much computer use - which has worn off on me (had a negative impact on physical book reading, I realize)

Third; when the electricity goes out - I am sure people are going crazy without book, given their digital habits and strong addiction to mobile phones today. Most people also don't have many books on research, medicine, survival, herbs and plants, and many other subjects. So - that's when reading books become a lot more important, even for me. I mean, just in case *grin*

Also, I am not a teddy bear/animal collector - but after 40 years... they did accumulate after all. (I never threw any of them away). My oldest is from Munich, from 1983. "I love your kisses" (not shown in the photo, though).


How my Photo Diary started...

Each one has a little story attached - why and how they came to be, ending up at my place. A little book visible above, kind of hidden, is called "Den idénrike fotografen" from 1990 - "The Idea rich photographer". It was the book which planted the very first seed in the future, to create my personal Photo Diary, which I started in 1993. As i made my own color prints in the darkroom - but left half of the sheet blank - so that there would be space to write on it.

Today's digital version here at - is in essence based on the same simple principle: Big photo at the top - thoughts and writings written below.

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