I thought this was absolutely mind blowing...

very old books reveal that the measurements which were conducted during 1820-1855, show that the Carbon dioxide CO2 levels in the atmosphere was in fact HIGHER in preindustrial times - with 450 ppm - compared to today's levels around 419 ppm (measured onthe Mauna Loa volcano [!!] which in itself is a notorious source of spewing CO2, like all volcanoes typically do. Why would you set up a CO2 mearing station there ?!


The mainstream BS, says that the preindustrial times had a low CO2 level of 280 ppm. And then came humans and started to affect the levels, in a steep rise... and inducing severe climate change. Booh. We are the "last Generation". Earth needs to be saved. And so on...

However: the low CO2 level of 280 ppm in preindustrial times (1820-55) were never measured. They were considerably higher - in fact even higher than today.

The entire narrative of that CO2 would create massive temperature rises, climate catastrophes and human-made "climate change" - is an utter, global fraud of epic proportions created by the 'elitarian' Conglomerate people and their interests and strange ideas, based from the 1960s and 1970s.

Those who do not learn about history, are prone to repeat the errors of the past.

Their thinking; If you control the past, you control the future.


Massive suppression anew, against all free info on the internet

Now you know, why information has been more and more censored on the internet, especially the past weeks, Google and now even Bing (Microsoft) have made another steep change to their indexing: by simply stopping to index anything (or many sources) which go against the official narrative.

It is like killing off, or overwriting index cells in the Hippocampus in your brain. It is responsible to seek the places in your brain, where information and memories are stored. By erasing the index cells (though writing it over with new information), an older memory gets lost (albeit it is still existent in the back of the brain - but you can't access it without any direct address to it). Instead the index cells which got over written with new information, for example propaganda. You remember the newer propaganda, but not the older memory which contained older, and more truthful information (just as an example).

That is what Google (alphabet) and Bing (Microsoft) is doing, in principle. They show you only the newer, sanitized past and presence to the people who use their services / search engines. The older information, while still on the internet - but the reference / index file that point towards that information, is gone. In practice - the perhaps more truthful info the viewer isn't supposed to see - will become information that "never existed".


Hippocampus... The attack on our brains

There is a video with scientist, physician and molecular geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls, who explains very important and interesting aspects about our Hippocampus - and how today's tools we use, such as mobile phones and "tic-Toc" behavior, but also influences like the genetic injections which through spike proteins attached to neuron cells, get destroyed via our immune system (like any other foreign protein).

This is no coincidence. The system wants obedient people...

The aspects of targeted strategies, via injections as well certain types of behavior which now are considered to be mainstream, even essential (mobile phones) - where we stress your brain beyond the thresholds and limits. Then interesting things happen: Our Hippocampus "index files" get written over - at the same time, no new index cells are created anymore.

This means; older memories get then lost. One by one.

I will present that video on the next page, because it is related. Also Alzheimer is tightly related to this. And it can be reverted as long your are still in an early strage. But why does it happen in the first place...

Very interesting.

But like I said, next page (page 203) more about the Hippocampus on that subject ->


Video by Nuoflix

In this exciting interview, Aron Morhoff talks with colleagues Marcus Fiedler and Tom-Oliver Regenauer about an all-encompassing topic that affects us all.

Learn about CO2, the old measurements, about conditions in ice cores and the gas bubbles captured in it, had in fact higher content of CO2 (from older times), from how plants work regarding CO2, in order to make sugar, which is their food. How they grow under various conditions, and why the semi-deserts are massively greening, thanks to a higher CO2 content in the atmosphere the past 50 years.

Listen carefully (German language)


Perversions, subversions, and lies

The elite and their puppets at too many levels of society apparatus - are perpetrating a war against life, by making CO2 the boogeyman.

CO2 is the gas of life. Supporting plants, food, animals and humans !

That is the truth. And science should be about going to the bottom with reality, how it works - the truth of how things work. And not about "what we believe how it works, and then having a "consensus". Science is NOT about consensus and agreements. And anyone who says differently, is ousted and banned.

It's not science


Climate Change... the totalitarian Agenda behind "UN Agenda 2030"

Together with the Corona Plandemic and the lethal genetic injections, Climate Change is the biggest fraud in human history.

Given that the dark elite and co. subversive like many global companies, politicians and the autocratic authorities where humans are not really important anymore and often ignored, GNO's lobbying and propaganda, and other deliberately hijacked "grassroots" movements to sway the public opinions...

A dark elite conglomerate who want to eliminate many of humanity's freedoms, (and in the long run a couple of billion people) under the disguise of "climate change" - making people eating bugs (which definitely are health damaging), highly damaging vegetable oils instead of saturated animal fats - as well artificial lab grown meat - so that Bill Gate's gets even richer than filthy rich - since he bought many of those companies

Yet - lab grown "meat" - is extremely processed and lack all the necessary trace minerals and vitamins which are so important for the human body. There are enzymes in our body, which need ONE molecule of a metal, in order to get activated. As we grow our vegetables on poor mono culture, sometimes even without soil - all the important trace minerals are often lacking. Those trance minerals which are highly important for the creation and activation of important enzymes in our body. Just say name an example.


Lies, more lies, endless lies.

The orders and laws like Killing hundred thousands of cows in a country, because "they are damaging the climate", or animating people not to get babies ("because it saves CO2"), the restriction of travel, and all the other perverted measurements that are on the rise via our politicians, fueled by this Nazi puppet Klaus Schwab and his favorite, gay, Israeli historian philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, and other cocksucker bitches with big names under the label of "humanitarian" and "philanthropist" etc. (while shoveling billions of dollars into their territory - money that other people earned)


Yuval Harari

He says, that the majority of humans on this planet, are useless and stupid - and of no use. Indicating that the majority have an unnecessary existence on this planet.

Harari frames the world population with idiotic ideas like connecting our brains to artificial "intelligence" and thereby the "unwanted ones" for some times get entertained (until the guillotine lets the heads of the "unwanted" roll - but he didn't spit that out loud).

Harari also talks in terms of Masters... how to shape the future for humanity. Go home and suck dick, dude. I say that, who is gay, too - bitch - and i definitely look upon humanity in such an absurdly nefarious way. What happens in a guy, who as an adult turns out that way ? Who is the Israel that tells the world, who to live, who to die, and who to be useless ?

What the fuck, i mean seriously. What's wrong with those people thinking like that ?!

His frikkin ideas (he probably exposes to the world, are shared by many elitists (parasites). But they are so dystopian, so inhuman and derailed as it possibly can get. Elite (parasitic) people think like that... They see humans as parasitic. (speak about projection - because if anything literally is parasitic - it is the "Elitarian conglomerate" and "high finance circles". Like kings on a throne, who sees everybody else as a threat.


Israeli company has a patent
on how to kill a person at great distances (remote kill switch)

There is an Israeli company which has a patent on how to kill people at distance though an built-in chip in the body - and the person can get killed anywhere, at great distances. Like a remote switch.

Who comes of such perverted ideas ?! And why is it often Israel who has so wicked ideas, when it is about control, killing, surveillance, secret surveillance, infiltrations, subversions, lobbying under false pretense - and everything else attached to these themes ?

Like groups who are exceptionally prone to delusional obsessiveness. Which of course comes in handy for the dark elite conglomerates interests - as those powers benefit from such groups who are obsessed with developing particularly cruel, subversive tools and mechanisms for total control, obedience and subversion / infiltrations. Israel has a whopping industry developed around these subjects.

I wonder why ? (I mean I wonder why, beyond the official narrative of victim hood and "self defense" purposes) We are way passed that objective. And then you also have to consider, who in reality rules behind the US ? Behind the official face and representation of the US Gov.

A Criminal cabal.
And Europe is licking their feet.


Projections of the "Elite"

People within the Dark Elitarian Conglomerate (+ wannabees and "somewhat lesser rich elites") often see humans outside their ranks as "Fodder", "Cattle" and "Useless". Apparently, a very common, for them "natural" view towards most other people on this planet.

Well, we also got warhead Kissinger's BS comment of that older people are "useless eaters". While he is alive in the age of 100. In in my view, full of shit. A mass murderer is what he is as a foreign minister in the US administration during the Vietnam war - responsible for millions of deaths. Same person who then got the Nobel Prize. How sick is sick ?

Talking water, while drinking wine.


THINK ! (beyond your mobile phone scrolling)

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