I made a quick and dirty manual focus bracketing, and then stacked 10 images in Zerene Stacker - in order to extend the depth of sharpness (at ƒ2.8 aperture ) in the spiral - while it keeps the background still blurry.

It went OK-ish.


Wooden floors... can shake easily

I also noticed how extremely sensitive it is, when the tripod is on a wooden floor... even the slightest, tiniest vibration will destroy the micro sharpness. So, I stood super still for each of the 10x 3 second exposures (in very low indoor light), even kept my breathe *LOL*

Yeah, I am a little bit overwhelmed by the last weeks sudden wealth photographic options I can do now do. It is like your spirit energy spreading out into all direction, spreading thin...

But there is no hurry. One step at the time.


What works, and what doesn't ?

Because I also have to test what works for me, which lenses work, what combinations do and don't, and which techniques to be used in the photo studio with people as models etc. All that will likely take a lot of practice for many months, even up to a year. I mean the goal isn't to do techniques for the sake of techniques - but to have joy in certain practices in photography. As well to become a little bit more "fluid". I sometimes feel rather rusty in the photo studio. All the options, adapters, plates and god knows what I need to keep track of, where I put this and that. There have never been so many "things" and "stuff" attached to various photo situations. So, i really need to keep that all in mind - and where i put it in my home.



And when I do have people over in the photo studio - i truly have to prepare myself hours before - and keep my ducks in the row (meaning, to keep all the stuff i need, in handy). So, preparation is of the essence. I guess it is like preparing a special meal when you get dear friends over for dinner...

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