In Autumn, it appears to me that the body isn't really used to neither lower temperatures... nor strong winds. So, the experience feels much stronger that it perhaps really is ?

Anyway. While I went to work yesterday late evening, it was rather mild, as the temperatures rose to a very mild +13°C, around midnight. And then suddenly dipped down rapidly. While the winds hauled and had these nasty strong gusts. Apparently up to 21 m/s in the city, and up to almost hurricane strength along the Stockholm Coast up to 32 m/s.

As i walked home from work around 0530, through the woods and partially open spaces between Högdalen and Snösätra, it felt frikkin' nasty and cold. The temperature had plummeted to 6-7°C which together with strong winds, really felt... rugged and nasty (my leather jacket had no collar, so it went right in, so to speak).


Time to put on a scarf tonight

- because this wind will continue until Sunday, as the northern winds continue to march over Scandinavia for a while longer...


The temperature contrast in Europe

It is kind of funny, when I think about it. While large parts of Europe still have summer inspired temperatures (yesterday), Germany 20°C, England 20-22°C, France 20-30°C, Italy 23-30°C, and Spain up to 36°C - we have already this nasty autumn weather - which in some of Sweden (middle Norrland's inland) temperatures barely reached 0°C, and otherwise around max 5-8°C (Finland).

Time to get that speck back onto your ribs, to protect from chilly or even cold weather. We tend to forget that we still live in a subarctic climate in the North, at least for more than a half year...

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