People who parrot the words from overfed UN puppet Gutérres, and that wicked corrupted EU van der Leyen nobody even voted for, both speaking in terms of "climate boiling".

Disaster puppets of the worst kind, in my book.

I still can't wrap my head around, that the preindustrial levels of CO2, in fact where HIGHER than they are today. Which means the content of CO2 in the air, in the years of 1820-1855 were at a level around 450 ppm. PRE INDUSTICAL LEVELS. While today we have 419 ppm (Mauna Loa volcano 4200m).

So, what the fuck then ?! Did they have cars in 1820 ?! Did they burn oil in 1820 ? Did they use gas in 1820 ?


We didn't know this, because we didn't study the numerous CO2 measurements that were made back in the days in 1820-1855, which are still evident in the old books from that time !

now you know, why they "burn" books. Making them inaccessible, and rewrite history. So that our youngsters go onto the streets under the label of "last generation", and glue themselves onto the streets... to "animate" politicians to execute the Eco Fascism, UN Agenda 2030 even faster.

Like whispering Mao into the ear, that now all farmers have to stop cultivating their lands, under the spell of "The Great Leap forward" - 1958-63, Which created a disastrous famine, killing 45 million people.

Only today, those names are Guterres, van der Leyen, King of England, and the rest of the cocksucker bitches, who in reality, give a rats ass about ordinary people, and call them "cattle".

That is reality behind reality. And we follow them blindly.

It's disguising. And so saddening, I have no words. Because ultimately, it is the real people, although partially brainwashed, but they are the ones who in the end get caught in the fire... those hundreds of millions who actually try to live a life, work their asses off, take responsibility for themselves, their families and friends...

We out to have better respect for the real living as well our kids !


The proclaimed 280 ppm in preindustrial times, is a blatant lie

It means the whole climate change CO2 narrative is built upon trillions of Dollars expensive lies, and the bills they push, are the bills you are supposed to pay for the followers endless stupidity, as well the pushers deliberate deep evil and their insatiable greed for money and power.

And the companies, are sluts - who follow every whim, with glossy ads about "how we must becomes more climate friendly". Oh, then let's just end all "fossil" fuels (without honest alternatives), all nuclear power plants... jack up the prices for energy, make Russia into the evil empire - and let the households pay the insane prices for energy. End cars, planes and everything else - while putting our eggs into the basket wildlife destructive wind farms and heavy metal leaking solar farms. And because that ain't enough, let's electrify everything with self-igniting cars, not to mention the insanity of letting children work to get the cobolt, and then dying around 25-30 of age.

The dark ruling elite and parrots call this being based on "sustainability"


We are so beyond fottuto

to allow such insanity, and endless evil - running into it with wide open closed eyes. What the Eco agenda really means, is ultimately the death of billions in the longer haul, dying from starvation if the Eco fascists plans go along, and us approving this shit along the road.

And then you have "climate gluer" putting themselves onto the streets, to "move the politicians" to pursue the Eco agenda faster.

Who shit the teenagers and Eco fanatics so into the their brains ?! I also can't believe that those people do not even do some research, digging deep into the shit and examining the knowledge that once was - showing how much things are not what is being told to us today ?

That it is enough to show a bunch of diagrams telling people it gets hotter than ever before (albeit the local weather doesn't really always agree on that). And the endless cases of temperature manipulations that's been done to long time observations around the world, especially in the US and Australia, which shows that the old observations have been tampered with - several times, not just one time.

For all that ,we are willing to go into an Eco Climate Change war, which sinks humanity into the sank. So, nothing really has changed in our history, has it ?

When they say, run - we run. When they say; do war - we make war. When they say, jump out of the window - we do it in the end. We have been doing it for thousands of years... and nothing seem to have changed in that regard.

But why ?

It is truly fascinating as it is scary.


No folks. There is no climate emergency.

Its the bug they put into our brains. While at the same time they give a rats ass to real environmental issues - and let that actually continue.


Like magicians

You keep the audience occupied with something in your hand - in the spotlight, while the other hand - where the real action is, does things in the hidden, so that you/we don't see nor focus on that...

Works every time, it seems. although I beg to differ. I do feel that people actually are awakening ever so slowly; starting thinking, start scrutinizing, start to call in question.


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