Drifting away... as events drain the spirit

I still have to work a lot more with the Vertex method combined with those Pentax 6x7 lenses. I've gone off that track lately, not gone out to do any photography.

Partially due to the bad weather, and partially because of the exhausting Israeli-Palestina war which seemingly happened out of the blue chocking the world. The tremendous amounts of lies that are towering behind Israel's very strange behavior - seemingly having been totally "surprised" - while it is known to have the best army in the world, the best secret services... but hey, none of them knew anything.

Yeah, right. Who do you bull !?

So, lies are now duped onto the public worldwide, making things far more worse (and we swallow the lies the media so willingly feeds us with). It's also very interesting - yet at the same time deeply saddening as it is maddening, how a regime calling itself "democracy" excuses itself for just everything, and everybody seems to agree in the west. Genocide appears always to be ok when Israel is doing it. But oh vey, when anyone else lifts a finger and objects...

If things would be that easy... but they are not.

War is awful, no matter in which direction - because it ALWAYS HITS THE REAL PEOPLE, who have nothing to do with it, who just want to live their normal lives - and that is valid ON BOTH SIDES !

Both Israelis and Palestinians.


There are some extreme dark powers in the works

behind this plot. The Deep State loves to use Israel, as they favorite puppet to create war and conflicts, manipulation through deception, surveillance, power, money and corruption. They have groomed the world by using a bunch of people for centuries. And we all fell for it, including most of themselves, too. Patterns. Repetitions. And sneaking and tweaking from behind. And stories. They are story tellers.


No side is innocent in that regard. But the lies in top of everything, really strays sand in the eyes of the world's public. Which is a well known pony trick anyway. What was the title of the Mossad ? "Through deception we shall make war".

Well, no shit Sherlock.

Those deceptions are getting old and tedious, Israel.


Lethal jabs - used against their own people !

But what do you expect from a regime which forced its own people to take genetic, toxic Covid-19 injections ?! (Not to mention the many who died alone in Israel from those, and even more so, many who got severely injured for the rest of their lives).

The powers behind Israel are no stranger to sacrifice their own people. When they cooperated with Nazi Germany - same thing. It's almost as if the powers behind Israel hate the Israelis. Like psychopaths loathe people. Psychopaths who are convinced about their own "genius", looking down on all others, but use them as long they see it fit... And then drop people into the trash can.

So, when will the Israeli people wake up from their long slumber, that they too are being used by the Powers To Be as tools for further destruction, including their own ? Many puppet elements of their own governments and politic apparatus are not a friend to the Israeli people (or anyone else who is "useless" in their eyes).

Think about that for a moment...

But hey, the doctrines run very, very deep. Especially in Israel.

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