The part that ticked me totally off, was according the LIHOP (let it happen on pupose) theory alt. the MIHOP theory (make it happen on pupose) , that in absolutely no way possible, that Hamas could be able to prepare an attack this organized and large - without the Israeli military (IDF) nor the Israeli secret service Mossad "Through deception we shall make war", or Shin'beth "Shield and not seen" knew about it.

Come on !

It is a blatant lie that stinks to heaven, when Netanyahu says "We didn't know. It all came as a "surprise". How absolutely absurd isn't that ?

Or should I say, how absolutely welcome this whole scenario must be for the Powers that steer Israel together with the System that rules Isreal for their own nefarious agenda - whose objective always has been, to flatten the earth for the Palestinians. For 80 years straight.

Surprize: now they have a "legitimate reason", to do so. And the crowd cheers.


Bombing 4 countries within 48 hours.

Within 48 hours Israel sends bombs four countries, and threatens a fifth - without any international objection. Pull that one off anywhere else in the world, in the same way. Unfder the flag of Democracy.

No bloody way. But OK for Israel.

I find that strange. No limits. No boundaries. Anything goes. It's like saying "War is Peace", and "slavery is freedom".

Orwellian speak on top of a Faustian trip.


Coincidence ?

Yeah. Right. Like Corona was a "coincidence", or 911 for that matter, which most people who studied the rabbit hole, know that Israel was the main drive behind the terror attacks.

It is funny, how far a country's hidden leading powers, is willing to go, to sacrifice even their own people, for the purpose of deeply sinister plots.

Though deception we shall make war.

And some politician demand that Israel should use atomic bombs to flatten the earth of the Palestinians. Sounds really, totally legitimate.

Irony modus off.


"40 babies' head chopped off"

The claim of Hamas having chopped off 40 baby's heads, is also a fake, and has never been confirmed nor been proven. Why making something bad, even worse by throwing absolutely every garbage on top ? Well, because it fits into the Israeli narrative - so they can bomb the shit out of Gaza, the largest open air prison in the world, for god knows how long.


Israel: "we treat you like animals you deserve"

Turning off gas, electricity, water. We will treat them like cattle - the Israeli Gov says. Oh, and using white phosphor - which according to the international law is forbidden in dense urban areas where many people live. And what do they do ? Using Napalm of course. Burns better and long.

Because Israel, "the only democratic country in the middle East" - can do whatever the shit they want to do - and no fuck will object. It's always been like this. Funny, I already got to know that "democratic slogan" back in the early 2000s when I was married to Perry.

Same frikkin' myth of "the only democratic country in them middle East".


- 'By their fruits you shall know them', I'd say.



"The brutally killed German Girl"

And yeah. The "brutally killed German girl" - she is well and alive, at an Israeli hospital. So, even that story was fake.


They moved the Rave party to the Gaza borders - 2 day before

Why did the Israeli Organizers, who planned the Peace Rave party for 5000 people, only TWO DAYS before the Hamas attack, move the whole show suddenly close to the border of the Gaza strip ? Originally this Peace event was supposed to be held much further to the south / southeast - far away from Gaza.

In the last minute, they placed the large event near Re'im instead, which is right next to the Gaza border. Who would ever come of such a stupid idea ?!?!

Coincidence ?

This whole attack, stinks to heaven - and is surrounded by so many lies and deceptions - that i wonder, if not this has been carefully planned in order to give Israel the right reason (for the wrong reasons) to declare total war on Palestine. There is NO WAY that the IDF was "sleeping", and unaware of what was about to happen.


Egypt notified Israel 3 days before the attack
So did the US, as well

How come that the Israeli Government totally gave a rats ass, about the Egypt warning only 3 days before the attacks ? How come that even the US warned Israel shortly before the attack - but Israel didn't respond to it.

And who the fuck is financing Hamas ? It was always deep entrenched with Israels Mossad, infiltrated and financed - and fully in the interest of the Israeli Government. In order to weaken PLO among other things, which indeed happened.


Always the script of deception

Like with the extremist ISIS and WHITE HELMETS, which both were a creation of the West, in order to fool the world, and to bring down Syria by making them into the bad guys. They wanted Assad gone. Didn't work.

The White Helmets played the angels, the helpers - but in reality, they killed Syrians and cut off youngsters heads live in front of videos (which later where revealed, and they produce for the west many videos of victims, with fake blood and video stories that never occurred. How do you fool the West ? Well, with help of the already corrupted and financed media - that will deliver all the fake stories right into your mailbox and stupefying TV boxes (and now mobile phones)

The ruthless terrorists, the "angles", aka White Helmets (under pretense that they where medical helpers in the Syrian War in the eyes of the West viewers - got the Alternative Nobel Prize).

You can't make that shit up.


"Though deception we shall make war".

Ah. There it is again - and again - and again.

Oh man, they are good in telling stories to the world, but keep their real opinions, plans and goals, for themselves. While infiltrating themselves and their hidden agendas through out many layers of society.

but the saddest part is, that even the Israeli's themselves are in reality, being used, sacrificed and deceived - by their "own" powers, because behind their power lies an even deeper, darker power conglomerate - which uses Israel as a tool. The Covid Plandemic, the Pfizer Agreements and release of all data from Israeli citizens, as well the largely forced injections of genetic, toxic experimental injections into the Israeli population. Like some major frikkin' genetic experiment.... Who would do a thing like that ? Well, the Israeli Gov did it on their own people.


Yoav Gallant, Israel's minister of Defense saying:

"We have abolished all the rules of warfare. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts! There will be no buildings in New Gaza, only tents."


Bam. Anything goes; Psychopath invitation

Hitler said the same back in the days, albeit with words spoken slightly different, yet same in the context.

Go vultures souls, feel free to slice and dice. Go figure, what it does with such an invitation to slaughter, Carte Blanche for psychopaths and sociopaths freely allowed to roam the lands. What the fuck has that to do with democracy ?!

We already seen that with the Ukrainian Nazi's, sold to us in the west as "freedom fighters". Carte Blanche for the worst type of Criminals to roam the lands.

van der Leyen calls this task is "to support and protect Democracy".


What does that say about their leaders ?

When will the Israeli start to wake up that they too, are also being used as a tool in the hands of the Hidden Powers ? Which are not what they were used to, by their own Military as well Government and political establishment. The Israelis are as brainwashed as large parts of the population in the rest of world. Each country being used in a sort of "localized, adapted style of deception" which suits the overall agenda, on top of the local agendas.

It is sad. It is sad for all of us, no matter color, origin or belief - no matter what side of the pond.

We need to wake up, and I mean that seriously, and by heart.


And THIS, is as stupid as everything else, Hamas

What the fuck. I consider Hamas being highly infiltrated to do the bidding of Israel, but it is likely not so black & white as I say. The objective is Israel, to destroy Palestine. Hamas has been indirectly supported, and directly by the Israeli elite and intelligence services.



Call for Suicide. The forces of entropy are going off

Now, you have the Hamas leader by saying / calling for a global jihad on all Israeli's.


That is a call for people to commit suicide while trying to kill other people in the process.

As stupid as everything else twisted in this war story - so call out like that. It only plays into the dark powers behind, that drive the West including Israel. They want confrontation, war and annihilation. So, they support the objective that leads up to it - and there Hamas plays a vital roll in the whole shit. Which ultimately hits their own people, possible kills most of them *sigh*

Man. We never learn, do we ?

More crimes. More violence. More war. More death against each other. And the dark powers in the hidden, smiling all the way to the bank.

We are stupid who fight each other, and believe lies and deceptions.

- 216 -