We all have to wake up - on both sides !

We all have been groomed for centuries to fight each other - in order so that the real hidden powers, can do what they are doing - against us, against humanity, against all that what makes humans in the core, a loving, skilled and extremely creative good force.


Bread & Games for the Sheeples

We let it happen, to corrupt ourselves - with drugs and shitty entertainments, subverted values and endless other BS.

You see - is like with the Romans; bread and games for the people. Like the magician keeps your attention away from where the real powers act and do dark stuff - which you are not supposed to see nor understand. you are supposed to think and believe what is served in front of your nose, via channels which call themselves official news, authorities and Governments and representatives.

Don't look up, kind of style. Don't think - that is why the world is so entrenched in shitty local conflicts, drugs, crimes and corruptions and scandals.

We are supposed to continue to sleep - that is the gig !

They want us to fight each other, deliver the corpses, do the bloody work. For them. And we fools, have been doing this for many centuries, over and over again.

That is our greatest weakness.

What's why I say; wake up. To a deeper reality, behind the veil of deceptions. A reality which refers back to our divine origins, to who we truly are - way beyond our earthly bodies.

If we do start to realize this - and understand that we are by design one and the same source - but live different human experiences here in a material world - then the "fake" reality around us, would start to crumble - and the dark powers wouldn't be able to makes us agree to go into war against each other.

Think about that for a moment. It isn't wrong what I say.

The powers to be - would loose their dark magic over us, the control and their objectives and agendas.

So. Wake up, for real.


Remember who you are...

who you really are in truth. Think of how many conflicts would start to crumble and dissolve, if we refer back to your origins, our roots, our core values and settle with actually living life, instead of looking for enemies at every corner. Hit them with the truth, over and over.

Don't subject yourself with keeping silent, by agreeing with those who think they are the top of the shit doing dark stuff. Subjecting to such agreements (keeping silent about evil stuff) is dangerous in that regard, that it opens the door to your own soul and mind corruption. And from there the spiral starts to move downwards with each step.


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