One need to face the dark aspects

of creation in our realm, they are real, too. The influence can come from the outside, as much they can come from the inside (manipulation from within) - and that means we, ourselves can sometimes stand in your own way. Sometimes we nurtured beliefs and convictions that we, ourselves have have nurtured for a long time.

I sometimes use to say, when I am on a dark path or can't snap out of persistent negative thoughts which i gave too much power over myself (and other people), that "i have sent my spirit on a negative mission". What i need to do, is to "call it back".

It is a symbolical description of the things that sometimes put our minds into a mental prison - through persistent beliefs, Sometimes we think of situation in a too narrow way. Or we judge things from an angle which instead of shedding light, outs us into a dark prison. It can go as far as that our health is going down as well.

My words are neither voodoo nor "flower power". It is just one of many different ways how to describe that we, ourselves, too can fall under the influence av negative energies. Either thought others, or though ourselves. And the best way, negative entities love to use us, from within, without we even realize it. That's where truth comes into play. That is Thor's hammer which punches holes in every false defense, including our own.

When the darkness takes over your thoughts and mind, or other people's convictions have become your own - our heart and judgment gets clouded. It is like closing the door to the wisest realm of your being.

Our heart isn't a stupid lump, doing stupid things, whispering silly things in your ear. On the contrary: it is the wisest spot in our being, and the connection to everything else that exists. It tells us what is we did wrong, when it is obviously wrong.

When we lie, we already know deep deep down, that we are doing something nasty / fake / negative. We then usually take our ego and surround truth and awareness, with fake realities, explanations, excuses and beliefs - to convince us that we are doing "the right thing".

The path of lies, is a downwards spiral. It corrupts your personality, one step at the time.

The key is to know yourself. To be honest down to the bones - and the truth will not be withheld from you - because then you'll see. And the path you want to walk on, more aligned with being and the world outside, rather than fueled by ego.

No, it isn't about eliminating ego. That is a very stupid thing to do. It is needed in the realm we live in today.

The Ego is a great organizer, but lousy guide.



KNOW YOURSELF - aren't just loose words

It is fundamental in truly realizing your good and dark sides and abilities, in order to understand what your mind is made of, what it is capable of, and the roads you can choose. How to approach things, the honest or the ego way. If you know yourself from the deepest levels of your being - you become free in the sense of that no other person is the key/solution to your "problems". You know yourself in depth and learned to discern between lies and truths. Even about yourself. Many times you also get to learn and discern the lies of others, the more you understand the depth of your being, all sides of the coin, so to speak !

Ignoring darkness is being naive and unprepared. But projecting prematurely is also stupid, often creating traps for ourselves, or spoiling good relationships with others.

And it doesn't mean that you need to make war. Only psychopaths, vultures, and sociopaths, with never ending greed for power - consuming the good beliefs in others, though manipulation, siphoning and harvesting energies of others, to make war for their wicked goals, from their wicked predatory interests. They love collecting energies from the fear of others, the suffering and pain.

Making them feel stronger, more vain, which is the nature of predators and vultures. Which psychopaths are, from cradle to their deaths. I do not even consider them to be real humans, but failed creates with the goal to wreck havoc on this earth, to make us go astray. At the same time, they are a "teacher" in the sense of teaching you, how to overcome your limitations and blindness, to discern your fallacies, and to learn your lessons when not to engage, in order to strengthen your soul maturity and integrity.

Those are lessons the hard way. We also need them, for better or worse.


No Flower Power or New Age bullshit

And no - I am absolutely not talking about the (stupid) Flower-power or naive New-Age versions. I mean the thing that's always been deeply within us, beyond our ego's views, under the many layers of our automatic "brainwashed" thoughts (read: thoughts we take often automatically for granted without calling them in question, scrutinizing and illuminating them throughout).


Perry and Johannes

I can already hear "Perry thinking" with dripping sarcasm: "So much bullshit", while rolling his eyes with an arrogant touch. He wouldn't say it out loud - he never did/does. He thinks it. And gets irritated if you catch him at it... then defending himself... "You don't know me".

Yeah, right. I know.

Tell me something I don't already have met.

Honesty has never been his strength. Instead he compromises with himself (aligns with his ego), that instead of directly lying straight into your face - which he usually avoids at all costs - but keeps silent instead of his deeds and whereabouts / intentions.

Johannes was very much the same. He didn't tell. Instead he adapted to what listener wants to hear. The important stuff, the dishonest stuff, the vital stuff - is always kept under the carpet - even if it highly affects the lives of others through deceptions and false intentions.

Keeping quiet certainly doesn't make personas more honest.

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