I would count 18mm wide angle (fullframe equivalent) already being ultra-wide - but i am not sure if that is correct. Anyway - the Fujifilm GF 23mm ƒ4 lens is a very wide lens, giving a wonderful wide view, that is for sure.

It is also a formidable lens, already at wide open aperture giving good optical sharpness across the image - which then cripsens further as you stop down to f5.6 and f8.

An excellent lens for those who seek wide views - I can wholly agree to that - and it appears that the price i paid (second hand), being half of the nominal price, was an excellent choice.

In 3 month, i have it paid off.


It is raining cats and dogs outside

So, there isn't much for me to do. Two shots I made on my balcony, made both camera and lens all wet, including the front lens.

It is in fact a pretty big lens - with an even bigger feeling with the lens shade on (Which I always use, partially against accidental bumps, as well to decrease unwanted stray light from the sides. I do not use "protection filter" - unless I would go into the desert or something...


The everlasting UV-filter indoctrination

There is no reason for expensive money to degrade the original optical excellency. I've never understood that American indoctrination of using UV-filter on every frikkin lens. Given that most of those filter have an degrading effect in terms of reduced sharpness. So, there goes your precious Canon "L" lens performance.

It's a market trick - and it worked for millions of photographers, all thinking they need a filter on every of their lenses. And whoops, you got a one billion dollar industry - coming with more and more features which supposedly makes the new filter, so much better Like decades of brainwashing advertising for washing powder: each iteration whiter, easier and better than previous versions (or other brands). And toothpaste...white than white it is os white you can't see white anymore.

It's exhausting when humans brains go on automatic mode.


Back to the Fujinon GF 23mm lens.

As i mentioned before, it is equivalent of a 18mm ultra-wide angle lens. I also can use the Canon TS-E 17mm f 4 L lens, which results into a 13mm super wide angle lens. So, I have two version, and can choose for everything that requires a "Grande view". For me the 13mm is too extreme, to be honest - that is why I chose the more "moderate" Fujinon GF 23 mm lens giving me an 18mm view.

Since I love clouds and appreciate sharpness, as well a native Fuji GF lens which operates really smooth with the camera body.

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