Efrat Fenigson is an independent Journalist, Podcaster, Israeli Citizen & Covid dissident.
In the wake of the October 7th terrorist attacks on Israel, she has provided insight into the situation from inside Israel on X (Twitter).
Bret Weinstein and Efrat Fenigson discuss the current state of affairs and the situation unfolding as we speak. Due to the timely nature of this episode, it is important to note that this was filmed at 8PM Israel time on October 10, 2023, and released several hours later. It is also of note that at the end of this recording, Efrat hears the sounds of rockets going off nearby. However there was also construction noise near Bret during the entire duration of the episode, not to be confused with sounds of war.
Note: Hamas was founded in 1987, not 1967 as was inadvertently stated.


Interesting perspective from critical Israeli views

who very obviously call in question the Hamas terror attack on Israel - as "coincidentally" entire Israeli Military apparatus as well secret services, failed utterly in ways never ever seen before. It didn't just failed - it was all delayed in ways that is unprecedented and totally beyond any security routines at all levels (and there have been many [!] layers, that the Hamas attack could not been done without the knowledge of the Israeli security apparatus.


Did Israel on pupose sell out their own people ?

Which raises many questions... Did Israel sell out their own people (like they did with the lethal Covid injections ?)

Some very serious is wrong - and maybe unspoken - it was meant to be like that ? To frame the narrative, with help of the Israeli air force, military, politicians and secret services - that the Israeli apparatus can "legally" or "entitled" to finally do their objective they have been seeking for 80 years - their "Final Solution" to wipe off the Palestinians without the wrath of the World. (There are my words, not hers).


Israeli Efrat Fenigson strikes a healthy balance

It is interesting, because i judge Efrat Fenigson to be good, independent journalist, which looks at both sides of the conflict. It feels like she is striking a healthy balance - and that is why i respect her opinion and reflections in all this maze.

She has been in the IDF 25 years ago in the Gaza strip - and knows the Israeli way in the military, the many layers of security from within.


Wise discussion

I have now listened to the whole interview - and I think it is fantastic. They both are looking beyond their local horizon, including the Power to be, the higher influences which do not work in humanity's best interests.

Very ,very good interview. I love the balance and variation of perspectives. There are indeed Jews who have an elevated, human take in things, without making evil events or by neglecting them. They are looking also at the bigger picture, including being honest enough how complex everything is - and that there are dark aspects we might never fully know what fueled these strange betrays at higher levels of power.

I like that.

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