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Another very interesting interview video

from among others, Scott Ritter (military expert) who gives insight over the past of Hamas, and how Israel created Hamas. So, one needs to start asking questions... regarding today's situation with a war on Gaza. So, you get perspectives on the past issues of Israel and Palestine - very interesting.

It is one of those key videos worth listen to !

It isn't all black or white in this discussion, which I believe is a good thing. Only when you weight in both sides you start to get a better view over what is going on and why.

Also Israel's Netanyahu is being looked at closer, possibly be one of the most corrupted politicians on the planet and his work on trying to change the laws in Israel (judges), which would give Netanyahu (and his party) Carte Blanche to endless power. This explains why Israeli's have been demonstrating for many months, and split the country, because they were not willing to accept Netanyahu corrupting moves

Interesting is also the "sacred" contrast of Israeli' parents regarding their sons and daughters going to the Army - and now the situation in which the Israel likely deliberately didn't react to the information that something serious was going on in Gaza - delaying the reaction to the next morning. Netanyahu's move was devastating and may not be forgiven...

This is a discussion also illuminates the modern roots of the state of Israel; the Zionist movement which created the country.

One needs to distinguish three things - which are not the same. (But yes, they can overlap)

• Jews (religious roots of identity)
• Zionism (ideological political movement, which is not limited to Israeli people)
• Israelis (Citizens of Israel, both Jewish, christian as well Arabic etc.)


Scott Ritter on Substack



24 Feb 2020

"Mossad chief Yossi Cohen visited Doha on 5 February to ensure that Qatar continued its financial aid policy to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

The visit came to light in an interview that former Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave to Israel's Channel 12 News on Saturday. In it, he said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent Cohen and the head of the Israeli military for the Southern Command, Herzl Halevi, to "beg the Qataris to continue giving money to Hamas".

Interesting, to say the least.

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