Here's an opinion by Yuriy Baranchik,
chief analytical editor of the Russian news agency Regnum

16 Oct 2023

"When the mess between Palestine and Israel began, and it was obvious that Israel's intelligence services "slept through" the beginning of the Hamas operation, I asked the question - wasn't this a conspiracy by Israel's intelligence services against Netanyahu?

"There are two options: either Netanyahu decided to use the uprising against the generals and internal opponents, or the generals want to dump Netanyahu and accuse him of incompetence and lack of management. I am closer to the second option because MOSSAD, IDF, etc. could not have been unaware of the impending uprising. And if they knew about it and did not prevent it, especially if they allowed so many casualties, then it is already a conspiracy."

The events that have been taking place for nine days now allow us to confirm this conclusion. The point is that the U.S. is making a lot of efforts to extinguish the conflict at this stage so that it does not grow into a larger confrontation. They have removed the blame from Iran (and it is really not Tehran), and do not allow Netanyahu to clean up the Gaza Strip, preventing the ground operation, and organize negotiation tracks, and insist on the resumption of water and electricity in Gaza. Why?

Firstly, the second big regional conflict will not be pulled by the US - they're bogging down the first one, because if Iran gets involved, it's a big war and Biden won't be elected for sure. And there may be a third one - in January in Taiwan. Therefore, only extinguish, only extinguish.

Secondly, Biden needs a positive image before the election, that loud positive occasion from which he can start in the presidential race. And such an image can be the image of a peacemaker who successfully resolved the conflict in the Middle East, which threatened to turn into World War III. And Netanyahu can be sacrificed, in this both Biden and Trump coincide, only for different reasons.

If Trump's reasons are personal, Netanyahu, whom he considered if not a friend, then a close politician, was one of the first to congratulate Biden on his victory in the last election, Biden's reasons are political - someone must become a scapegoat. And Bibi, who went against the Sorosites (Democrats) in Israel on the issue of judicial reform, will be appointed as his scapegoat. This is the reason for the "failure" of Israel's intelligence services - they sacrificed their own for the sake of Sleepy Joe's political career, providing him with a powerful start to his election campaign.

The counter-attack in Ukraine failed, Zelensky is stuck, so it is necessary to shift the focus of American attention to another object. This attitude on Washington's part gives us a good chance to resolve at the LBS those issues that have not been resolved and to move forward seriously".




My personal opinion is...

that I have hard to believe that Netanyahu looked away for such a long time with all the preparations and activities going on behind the scenes in Gaza. Together with all the people involved in the Israel military and security complex monitoring possible attacks from Hamas against Israel... The whole of Israel is built upon stringent surveillance, for heavens sake. Not even a cat can cross the borders of Israel without being noticed and possibly shot by those automatic installations. Many Israeli military's have said that it is impossible, given the security layers implemented along the borders of Israel.

Unless of course, you sway military and security people, that this is for the greater good. And to "extinguish the parasites", which is - let's face it - the longing of many Israeli's - as they been taught since birth, to hate Palestinians - and the deep rooted fear of retaliation on Israel. You gloss it over with a superior, cynical type of mood - which Israeli people often can show. It is almost like loathing cynical attitude - combined with a belief of superiority.

I have experienced that in jewish and Isreali people, e.g. of those I have met in my life. There is this weird, "superior" attitude dwelling... sometimes sticking its nasty nose into the air. Kind of like if you would say !We are the shit. And who the fuck are you". Poke deeply enough - and you will face it, too.

So, it is likely a preveilant kind of attitude among Israeli people, covered by a too friendly surface in service for the Land of Israel in front of strangers and foreigners (you know, like making advertising for how good and democratic Isreal is).


Not all Israeli people buy into this.

Luckily - there are sober, clear thinking people in Israel; people with heart and a balanced mind who look through the veil of deception, even of their own government and military (and other Gov's for that matter) - realizing also that the general "mainstream schooling" which is applied to Israeli citizens, is somehow not that what real humanity is about.



Still the LIHOP (let it happen) theory is strong. At the same time, i am not sure... if it isn't a MIHOP operation instead (make it happen)

It also means that the Israeli apparatus let it happen, that many Israelis' got killed. I also assume that several of the killings of Israelis were staged and exaggerated - but not all deaths. Which means, once again the Israeli people have been betrayed by their own people in power - as with injecting large parts of the population with the genetic, lethal Covid-19 jabs - in which Netanyahu sold out his people.

But psychopaths do such things. The question is, how could so many be part of the same ? Yet, we have seen exactly that all around the world, at many levels of society, that people sold out other people, more or less forcing them to take unproven, unknown, genetic altering, toxic injections... "for you better good".

So, there is an unknown but huge factor present, which is willing to kill millions of people. As well the Powers to Be in Israel, letting Israeli people to be killed though an attack. And now, the dark forces within the Israeli apparatus, have the sympathy of the Israeli people... to kill more people.

That is the way you can fight wars with help of swaying opinions, and without getting your own hands dirty.

Strange times.

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