I am not doing so well, being at home with fever and a strange kind of weakness going through my body - and sense that I did the mistake of letting the events in the world going far too deep into my mind, soul and body. Usually that does affect me, if I don't keep a balance about it. At the same time - it isn't really easy to keep things at bay - because I am not exactly the type who just switches off, eliminates emotions and pretend that things don't really bother me. Its justs not who I am.

While at the same time, I do understand the importance of soul discipline is needed. To make your brain go down the drain, does not help oneself not others. Those are wasted energies to the wrong/dark actors within the universe so to speak. Almost as if entities nurture themselves from that people go crazy with pain and suffering.

I know that sounds a bit weird, if you haven't been with your head in such areas of existence - since most people, I assume with their heads only into the material world, and nothing else exists for them.

I believe that is a mistake - but who am I to tell such things ?

Anyway, I am at home now trying to get myself back together.


When Crazy turns even more Crazy

So, much is going on in the world, and you thought that crazy couldn't get more crazy - then that is exactly what gets fueled; more cray, more evil, and more deception. The tragic comical part of it all is - that what comes from the same, is separated in such convincing ways, that we - the blind ones - fight the wars for those, who always sleeked to destroy us.

When we believe in separation and false dichotomies, believing in them "as they appear", without looking through the veils of deception - then war, suffering, pain and destruction comes though our hands (so to speak). Because we support through our insisting belief system ("I am right, You are wrong", "me good, you bad") - without even realizing that we let destruction and suffering happen in an active way (not matter on what side you feel you are entitled to defend). That is the key. No war would be fought without the help of blind people, who think they are seeing clear and choose side.

That is how it is done. How it always has been done.


Stormy outside

At times very stormy gusts are bouncing against my window with thumb-like sounds, howling winds swooping though the fading trees, their yellow leafs. My flowers are being thrown around on the balcony... It feels like real autumn, with a touch of winter lingering expectation you can sense in the air... - a whisper - "I am not far away... and I am coming for this region".


-20°C in the north

In the north of Sweden, temperatures are already plunging down to -20°C, with a snow cover now covering 1/3 of the country. We already had snow on the ground here in Stockholm yesterday evening. I was newly awakened, on my way to work - and with a startling feeling saw patches of snow in the grass and other surfaces... It really surprized me.

Well, as I said - i was newly awakened, as if walking on eggs bouncing down the stairs in order to get to the subway....


19 Oct 2023 at 22:40 • Snösätra - Stockholm

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