As if lately we have entered a time, with lots of clouds and almost no sunshine. Albeit I must add, that the first 3 weeks were unusual sunny ! But this has switched into the opposite, plus that it is colder than normal for quite some time.

The overall October temperatures in Stockholm, are -0.8°C below normal for the first 28 days - and as you can see below, large parts of Sweden have been colder than normal.



Back to work

I am going back to work tomorrow - and happy to do so, looking forward ! Because it gives me a sense of rhythm and alignment - and i love the human contact with my colleagues. After a week of illness - which i think was combined with a rather deep depression... while now I am starting to get out of it again.

The aspect of depression is a bit weird - because I can't remember having felt so drained and disillusioned that I would call it depression. (it's been something from the past, like 2004-2006 in periods comes to my mind)

Yet, this time - it did feel as if somebody pulled a plug - literally.


Severe rash

Last Wednesday & Thursday, i woke up with severe rash all over my legs, looking absolutely ridiculous - but i have no clue what exactly caused it. It is healing very slowly - but itches at times and still looks so weird...


Enough is enough !

The maybe most important aspect is, that i have decided - from within - to get well again. What i mean by that is this seed of strength, based on a will to live. Not just saying it - but feeling it from within. I think i have been at a very dark place during October - and now it is time to take back my life energy.

I don't know how else to say it, so i leave it "as it is".

- 234 -