The rains sounds at my window which is directed towards the east... Probably less rain than it sounds like - but nevertheless - it has this kind of "nasty" feeling to it... the kind of weather you don't want to go out into. Or maybe you do, with the right clothes - it's half as bad.

Well, I will see - because in a half hour I am heading out for work. Again, I am looking forward to it. The last 9 days have been like a fog. A very passive kind of fog - and my body is yearning for some activity. And to see something else than my four walls, so to speak *LOL*

Nevertheless, I have also started to do some silly experimentation in photography again. Very simple, very basic - but an activity, which I had absolutely no feeling or inspiration for in the past 2-3 weeks. It all went from very active to almost nothing.


When inspiration fails...

Do simple thing. I often get drawn to details on the kitchen sink. So, even if I for example have no inspiration - I can do simple things at the kitchen sink. You play yourself forwards (and a bit out of your moody feelings), by simply doing simple tasks.

It's just a tip.

And don't think about doing great things,m or perfect things. Enjoy instead the simple... experiment. Just play, you know. Without a goal. Just do it.

- 235 -