Sal had made some chocolate - fresh cream dessert - and the glasses were the remains... just standing there at the kitchen sink... So in the middle of last night, I started to make a little bit of photo experiments (with the Vertex method and Pentax 6x7 lenses) creating those 150 MP images when stitched together - as if i would have used a real digital 65x65mm sensor 150 MP camera, so to speak. You basically get the a native look of each lens you are using - with the native Medium format look when you use 6x7 cameras.


Doesn't have to be anything...

Whatever you find on the kitchen sink - play with it. Start with some images - and go from there and see what develops. Or what you could change in the frame, or do better - whatever.

That's the kind of free playfulness - that it does not truly need to be anything. In times when a photographer struggles with lack of inspiration and effort... the simpler methods are more effective, in order to give things a spark to ignite.

Something that is effortless. Something into which you can gradually dive into, without meaning or goal - but play along and see what comes out of it. So, don't judge things prematurely. It doesn't have to be perfect or measure up to any standards.

Ultimately - it is all in the mind.

What support, but also what limits us. What makes us develop, but also what appears to be like stones in our own way. The trick is, to get your mind out of whatever it is captured and trapped into.

Playfulness is the mother of all ideas. The seeds from which new ideas and inspiration can grow from. Of course you have to give it water and nutrition.

The mind is no different.

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