So... last day of October - and schwoosch, we are into November 2023. Times (sometimes) flies very fast. While other times... it so does not. The concept of time is a weird one, that is for sure. And I guess mainly only existent in your more dense physical realm, i call the Third Density (with far stricter physical laws) in comparison to more flexible laws, at the next realm density.



It is fun to do Black & White Photography

- especially with a medium format camera, like in the old days - only now it is all digital - yet with the same old medium format lenses. I find that so fascinating - but this only works if you ever been into medium format photography with film. Like in the older days of let's say 80s and 90s. Then you appreciate to be able to use the same 6x7 lenses with film, but now in full on a digital sensor.


I really love using the Vertex method

It is the missing link between the old classic medium format (film) photography with the new digital photography. NO crop factor for those 6x7 lenses - who would ever believed that it would come true (or closest to an actually large digital sensor, I mean).

Actually, I get slightly more out of the 6x7 lenses, because the results with the Vertex method is equivalent to a 65 x 65 mm digital sensor - while the film format is vertically a bit shorter 56 x 67 mm (it varies between different brands). Hasselblad i remember made slightly smaller images, more like 54 x 54 mm (or 55 x 55 mm) , and not really 6x6. Mamiya C330s i think had more like 57 x 57 mm. But to be honest, I would have to measure the negatives more exactly - in order to tell.

But those little differences are of no concern, really.


What I do miss sometimes

is the "overall feeling"; e.g. looking at a screen and see the ENTIRE image all at once. That doesn't work with the Vertex method. But you can kind of get a hunch what is inside the final frame - if you rotate the camera quickly 360 degree... then you know... somewhat - what will be in the frame. It will however happen quite often that the proportions - no - the position of the main object, might be a little bit off centered. It is very easy to misjudge.

Albeit you can always crop the image a bit afterwards...

I still haven't made any studio portraits of Sal. We are most often in the opposite of our rhythms, that the time when I would like to experiment with portraits - doesn't align with Sal's sleeping times. So, we are located on the opposite ends - which in practice means... no studio photography *LOL*


Avoiding the studio ?!

And I have been a little bit pussy about getting back onto my feet with studio photography after several years of hiatus, that a part of me kind of "avoids" it... I have to re-learn the how to do's, the settings in my digital cameras (so they work with a preview when you use short shutter times - and each of my cameras has a different menu layout). The new Fujifilm GFX 50s II is the one, which confuses me the most - and falls totally outside of most other cameras I have worked with. I mean, the menu's are highly confusing and not very intuitive.

They said that Olympus used to be confusing but i have no problems with Olympus. Or Canon. Or the quirky Sony (A7s menu's). But Fujifilm.... oh my gaaad... VERY CONFUSING !

I have to brush off my studio flashes. I have to learn the new dongles i bought a couple years ago, in order to do wireless studio photography. Earlier I always used a cord - but it does sometimes get in the way... So, lots to learn, lots to clean up and sort out, so that i can find what I need, when i need it.


Lost. And not found ?!?

For now, all the studio lights are located under our bed. *LOL* I will clean up a closet, in order to keep all the studio stuff there - so it is accessible when needed without having to look into all kinds of boxes and different locations. You know, over the years, stuff tends to get placed in various locations - because the priority is to clean up a room. But then after a couple years, I can't find all the parts that are needed - for example for studio photography.

Such things I am talking about. So, all this needs preparation, re-learning and... a good portion of patience. It's pretty awkward when you work, and then can't find your stuff. An important flash adapter... so easily lost among many boxes and various closets. Which can be extremely annoying, when you need it - and you can't find it. While the model is waiting...

No, that doesn't work.

Re-learning, exercises and preparation - is essential !




Paola to Stockholm, 2024

Sal's daughter will come to Stockholm next year, and live with us a couple of month, up to a half year. She is a real beauty - and basically also a model - because she has done a lot of photography in Sicily - with absolutely stunning results (That photographer girl who portrait her in so many different ways - did amazing work !!!)

I think not even I can hold to that level - simply because I am so out of it all (with studio photography). But i am of full admiration of the photographer who worked with Paola.

Let's me show you one photo - it is amazing !!!!



Unknown to me

Of course, I have no clue about reality. I how much or little it has been enhanced - for example the background pattern. Was it real, or was a light pattern added. But clear is, that the light is awesome, and everything else just works, including possible post-processing. I think it is a stunning photo. And that photographer, she made many excellent photos.

So, if Paola ever decides to stand model for me - I will be the one, who is the amateur !!

How did this happen ?!



Wait, here is another gorgeous portrait of Paola!

I think it is a wonderful photo. I love the discreet background light, the weak patterns in the background paper... I love the light. And the colors.

- 237 -