Today I got another accessory for the Pentax 6x7 system - which is a Helicoid adapter. It allows me - when i revert a lens (for macro use), to focus better (without having to change the position of the tripod). Earlier, i noticed that when i changed focus on the lens itself - nothing happened. (So, I had to change the position of the tripod - that was the only way to "focus". Which is extremely clumsy when in macro mode...)

Now, with help of a Pentax 6x7 Helicoid extension tube - I can focus comfortably again - which helps a lot when dealing with macro / small details !

It is really cool little extension, i must say...

The above image is already the first result. I had ordered three measuring cups made of clear plastic. They are visible inside each other - and when you get close - you get interesting shapes... Like an inpressionistic landscape made of light, forms and reflections.

I so love the Vertex method. It is really like a new world opening up (plus that I choose different motives i normally do not give so much thoughts). Well, tripod based photography alone, changes perspective and mind (what to photograph).



As I made similar images from the same motive - but stopped the lens down to ƒ5.6 instead of ƒ 2.4 (wide open) - everything kind of looked boring and... well, not fun at all. The impression changed into cheap plastic without magic. How interesting... So puzzling.


Raining Cats & Dogs

Yeah. Uh. Lots of rain. Lots of clouds. Barely any sunshine left anymore. It is a steep dive into sunshine less weather. Albeit, today it has gotten mild again (after a cold period, e.g. with light snow).

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