Oh dear...

A pity that the weather is absolutely boring and not inspirational at all (at least me). It is constantly raining, and we have had barely any sunshine for over 2 weeks. Plus the outlook for the upcoming 2 weeks calls for... uhm... overcast weather.

We would plunge down to a 30 day sunshine average of around 0.3 hours per day.

Just look at the stats...

Awful !


Below for comparison 2020


One of those WTF periods

Actually the sunshine hours this far second half of Oct + up until 8 Nov 2023 are poorer compared to winter 2020/21 - which was pretty bad, albeit it was in December the sun was almost entirely absent with a total of 3.6 hours of sunshine. January 2021 summed it up to just 24.5 hours.

Several of my indoor (flower) plants died that winter 2020/21

This year, I have sturdier plants, which are not as affected - but i throw out all flower plants, which already been pokey anyway - after i got them through every indoor winter for the last 12 years... - mainly pelagonia flowers). We only have one window in which flower plants can survive well, while the other one doesn't give enough light - and the flowers have to be very close to the glass. If I keep them a bit away from the window, they die.

Next year, I plant flowers form seeds, and they are made for one summer only. The other green plants are fine, and can be located slightly away from the window (like 0.5 to 1 meter) without dying. The space directly at the window is limited, because you can't have too big pots there... and that is the reason i can't have many flower plants directly at the window - but those flower need to be that close, in order to survive the Scandinavian winters - especially when we encounter extra sunshine poor winters.

How do they keep up (flower) plants in the north - where there is no sun ?! I guess people use extra "plant" lights for them ?

Funny how easy it is to forget the trivial aspects of life, one takes for granted. I mean living high up in the north... half year in darkness (more or less). At least they got plenty of Northern Lights, sparkling stars and huge amounts of snow... for whatever it is worth.

But still... living in such an environment. i imagine if something happens - for whatever reason - and people have no electricity for several weeks. Well, they can store meat in the cold at least. Might be much more disastrous in southern cities like Stockholm... when the lights go out for weeks.

Funny that we think it never can happen, or never will happen.

I wouldn't be so sure. These days, anything can happen (given the powers to be, get more and more openly nasty).



Frankly spoken - I have not found real inspiration to go out and about with the Fujifilm GFX 50s II camera in this type of weather together with a couple of Pentax 67 lenses and the Vertex adapter - in order to do some wonderful photographic voodoo...

I know, i should have a better attitude around these things like weather - but rain just doesn't cut it for when dealing with a medium format camera in the city. (I'll take a smaller camera instead - and I do - albeit mainly before/at/after work).

But i have forgotten, that i don't have to do the Vertex method. I can use the Fuji GFX or Canon EOS R6 in normal use with many different kind of lenses, even if the weather is bad, or unfavorable. It's still easier to handle compared to the Vertex method in bad weather.

Well then. No limits then.

The only limits are the ones in my mind.

Dang, Ralf !

- 243 -