It was about time.

See it like a delayed Christmas present (2022), to members of the family, like Mary, Carla, Paola, Gabi. But also Ruthy and 2x Sal (one "book of Sal" and one "Book of Tekki") our dog which died last year in August.


Recently (15 Dec)

i also added the creation of smaller books (13x17 cm) for Samantha as well Marjeta, which are colleagues to Sal - based on images when they with their husbands came over to hour house back in November

I thought to gift them with a luxurious smaller photo book (also made on [RA-4] Fujifilm Archive Crystal photo paper) - which is the type of paper you expose with light [laser], and develop with RA-4 chemicals - like in the old days of color photography !

Fujifilm papers last a very long time and already back in the 90s had a significant edge over Kodak in that regard. In terms of how long such images last, Fuji stayed at the top. And when they do bleach gradually after let's 80-125+ years, they do it evenly in the three color layers, without color cast (Fuji only)



you see a few examples of how the larger books can look like (20 x 27 cm). The quality is truly awesome, as well the entire book in itself. Absolutely lovey - and perhaps one of the finest things you can give to another, dear person. Absolutely impressive, I must say. (While I am not easily impressed in photo & print matters)

The books will last for ever, believe me. Something i also believe people really cherish for a long time, going back having a look now and then. And it is nice to show images to other people.

You don't throw such books away in the first place.



Extreme lack of sunshine in Stockholm

Quite fascinating how little sunshine we have gotten, ever since it all switched in the third week of Octoboer 2023 - when we suddenlyhad mainly overcast or very cloudy weather. And that trend has persisted ever since.

In 55 days, we only registered a total of 30 hours of sunshine. (days in which the sun was shining 2+ hours).

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