Since I mentioned on my previous entry, that I already used digital cameras in a (gay) disco, without anyone had a camera of any kind, especially not digital cameras. I thought i dig up a couple of images I made when I was out and about (Café, disco, and/or dates) - in the years of 2000 to 2003.

Just for fun.










































In 2003

it still wasn't common that people used digital (compact) cameras - and still absent on discos and other social events. After all - many struggled severely in low light with autofocus and high ISO being extremely grainy. Compact cameras didn't go pass ISO 400 - and where already very bad at that level (due to the use of CCD, instead of CMOS).

I believe digital cameras became more common once the mobile phones started with images - and after even more years, also started to get better (after 2012). A forerunner was the Erikson K800i mobile (starting 2006) - and then later of course the iPhone in 2009 and onwards. Not because of its crappy image quality (iPhone 3), but the way it was wired to digital services, very easy to send pictures to other people.

My images above from year 2000-03 are nothing special - but personal moments from my life, the people i met, and all that in a very early stage of digital photography. Those photos don't represent my real photography as such - but instead give view to a more playful, at times even intimate view, or simply just casual moments with others, when I was out and about.

Sometimes with a view in people's bathrooms *grin*

Back then, there was a great sense of natural behavior when I took images of people. Pretty different from selfies people do today, which are different in character. It doesn't have the spontaneous innocence, but rather a played one, or far too staged. Either incredibly crappy (cheap / unengaged) to look "cool" or something... or it is so "perfectly" staged and styled - that there is absolutely nothing normal about "selfie" portraits anymore - other than everyone is looking like hyper photo models. Not truly natural, how you would meet them in the bathroom, you know, with a sense of natural beauty, where the impoerfect is just perfect, so to speak. Adorable rather than picture perfect. And gosh all those über thick lips... what's up with those duck lips and barbie silicon breasts !?

Sometimes it feels like behind women and girls, trying something to be something... - while there stands a half industry behind their staged "casual" looks.

Something seriously feels... just off. I can't help it.

Some women created industries and large staff, to maintain their "image" and stories over the course of years. Like a self-enslavement or something.

I sound /envious ? I am not, I really am not. I just feel it is a pity that things went to the opposite, outer extreme. People becomes over the top self conscious, that they appear to me have become prisoner of their own created image / brand. Unreal 'beauty'. Exaggerated beauty, with a very thin line between beautiful and nuts at the same time.

Nothing in between.


Where is honest playfulness in all of it ?

None of that shit was present in people, back in the early 2000s. They were just wonderfully normal - they where themselves.

Now, I appreciate the natural attitudes in people so much more - 20 years later.

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