What stands against / what makes more sense

When i think of a professional A2 pigment ink based printer - I also have to keep in mind, all the analog photo material I have at home; for real traditional, analog darkroom work.

Tons of photopapers



Traditional darkroom work & developing prints

In order to get back to my subject of Digital printing vs Traditional Darkroom: I do have the option to make prints without it even costs me anything. That is a vital factor - when comparing the cost + material + ink for a digital professional A2 printer.

The latter cost around 1200 €, plus extra 10 inks = 600 €, and then fine art papers, which too are expensive. It is not an obstacle - but a valid factor which needs attention in my decision making. I am just saying, that these are simple real costs one needs to take into account when thinking of buying a professional printer in order to make.. well what ? Images for our walls ?

That reason is too weak.

A progessional (pigmenbt based) printer basically only makes sense for me personally, if i would aim to sell Art Photography.

I am not doing that - which means: I don't need a A2 Pro printer. Not at this stage.

Case closed.

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