So. I ordered the Fujifilm Instax Wide link printer

together with a bunch of Instax Wide film somewhere around 200 prints or so. So, then that is that. I will mainly use it for giving away images I take of people, because the printer is so small and thin, that it is truly easier to take it with me without hassle or the risk of dust ingresses - compared to a Canon Selphy CP1500 printer - which i consider to be perhaps not so smart to go mobile, due to that you really don't want to have any ingresses of dust (which would spoil the good quality prints). It's better having it at home, choosing my prints carefully - resulting into high quality, long lasting glossy 10x15 cm photos.

I chose the largest format, the Instax Wide, and if i take the printer out - it is for the "fun factor", for example going to a café with Claus or buddies - surprizing him with a bunch of "polaroids" with any camera i have at hand.

Just Voilá. There you go. Have fun.



There was an app somewhere early 2010s in which a developer created a simple "polaroid" app called POLADROID, for Mac OS X, in which you threw an image at it, and then you would "shake" the app, in order to develop the 'Polaroid' - and it looked like one !!

So fun it was !!

With dust, uneven areas... looking like real, classic Polaroid photo. It was a huge success i remember. Later it came out as an MacOS app as well. Windows likely, too.

Anyway, I created some fake Polaroids from self portraits though time, from 1985 to 2017, so between I was 19 years old, and 51 years of age.

"Then - the reflections changed a little", now going strongly towards Sixty fucking years.

I can't believe it... Me frikkin 60 ?!?!

How did that happen *LOL*


Sal and I agreed on that we have tons of humor

so that will aid us very well into our wrinklier era of old age, with laughter and smiley wrinkles around our eyes. Yeah. I mean, why not. Others have gone there before - and so will we.

And you will too, dude

just saying.

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