I can only say: WOW. And WOW again.

It is a beautiful, easy working sublimation transfer printer for 10x15 cm prints (lasting 100 years which is an important and rather unusual benefit). The output is fantastic - and I am really amazed, by both the simplicity, the affordable cost of consumables, as well the gorgeous, long lasting output.

Mama, mia so much joy ! So much ease !

Of course, as long the thing works - it is easy and joyful. Since I am still in the Honeymoon phase... Everything is shiny, cool and awesome, right ?

As long as the printer works as advertised - i am really more than pleased. And frankly, even surprised that it is this good. Being able to make good looking prints on the fly - is fun ! To have it done with high quality, is even more fun ! To get prints that last 100 years, makes it rather unusual in this price segment.


Connection: Via an iPhone app

I am also surprised that connecting the printer via an iPhone / mobile phone - isn't a big deal at all. I Was annoyed when I read about it - but in practice - it isn't a big deal at all. It works extremely easy.


Etchings into the surface of the photo

One of the most unexpected (and cool) features I noticed, was that you can etch hearts or paws around a photo. When you look at the photo from a straight angle - you see only the photo. But when you hold it up into the light, a bit from the side, you see the "etchings". That looks unusual cool, to be honest. Discrete yet unusual.

I am not a fan of bloated BS in layouts, or "additions". But those few etchings are one of the coolest things I have seen. I didn't know it would work (e.g look good) in a photo you send to friends, family and people.

But it does ! Very much in fact.


Note: Do not use "SATIN"

Use only GLOSSY or PEARL settings with the Selphy Printer. The other setting, "SATIN" - a surface that's being etched onto the outer layer of the photo, looks absolutely strange and funky. A strange kind of squared pattern is etched onto the surface - which looks so unnatural. Actually, it makes the quality print look cheap suddenly.

GLOSSY and PEARL work very well, looking natural.

Now you know.


I am truly happy with this

Now I can also give away images i have taken of my colleagues though time. Surprising them with one or two photo shots, just like that...

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