Naturally I am in a sort of "Honey moon" - where everything is aaaah, ooooh and wow. It is of course rewarding when you see your photos suddenly, and quickly appearing on physical photo paper - and that as very good results and colors (most of the time).

Only extreme selective strong colors (Red, strong green), need special treatment before i send them to the printer, in order to become equally bright. I often have to brighten them much more, in order to come out like on the screen.


Per-Olof in "Life" (1992/93)

Here below, a photo which was originally made on Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film. If I print this straight off, the strong (selective) colorswould come out too dark with the Canon Selphy printer. So i had to make it much brighter and fiddle a bit with the contrast - in order to make it look similarly like the original or slightly brighter like you would perceive a color slide lying on a light board.


49 great prints - 1 only into the garbage

All the other photo prints with the Selphy CP1500 - turned out great. I think out of 50 prints i only threw away one single print because it was too dark.

50:1 is an unusual good output balance, I must say.


Fun, Fun, fun !

Gosh, given that i haven't done any print work myself for 20 years - this is ultra fun to say the least. Well, as i said in the beginning - I am still in the "honeymoon" phase.

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