Fringe Festival "STOFF" 2013

OK let' me go back to Jane Badler, and her performance in Stockholm at the STOFF Fringe Festival in Aug 2013.

So, someone who escapes from Hollywood - and despite her success in the 80s and early 90s - yet also attached to it - all the BS that comes with it, and with the "skilled" men in Hollywood... yadda, yadda. Well if you escape that, or choose to leave it, still without your heart intact - you are indeed a very strong woman.

And that was the one on stage in Stockholm, in Aug 2013. You could feel it !

She became a woman - her own woman - who started to experiment, with art, performances, singing, not shy to use her body and looks, and making other e.g. indie movies; of which some made success, while others did not.

But she seemed to have had fun (and still does), and somehow after all became her own woman. Plus family and kids and everything attached to it... in good and in bad - since having kids and raising them is a large chapter in anyones life.

It is amazing.

I mean form the times of beauty queen, and then "Evil Lizard Queen 'Diana' in the huge success series "V" / The Visitors). Oh wait, she also played much later - the Mother Lizard Queen in the newer, "remake" of the "V" series ... maybe 8 years ago ? I don't remember the exact year.

I love her song "Volcano Boy".

Anyway. Cool lady.

I was ambivalent about her music in general - some felt good, others were meh / soso - but to me it sounded that her later music evolved as well her voice got better. Now I am not a true music type of guy, so I miss a lot of nuances, and knowledge and styles.

Sal on the other hand is the real deal, knows a lot, been with musicians for decades (even sang professional - even won the first prize in a natural contest in Italy - when he was still married to Mary, so this must been 25-28 years ago ?

I have a blurry picture of him from that very performance / music song competition - and he looked like a copy of "Neo" in "The Matrix".



Oh shoot. Why did I start writing about Jane Badler.

Ah, because now I can make a beautiful physical photos of her with the Canon Selphy printer. From her performance at STOFF in Stockholm 2013 - some of the photos i made of her during her performance back in 2013 in Stockholm.

Can you believe it, i used an original (model 1) Olympus EM5 for that ? Not exactly known for good focus in not so good light... and high ISO was pretty noisy (I had to use ISO 3200 on that camera, and it was really at the very limit for what was possible/impossible

Still, I did manage to capture some really beautiful images of her, despite the limitation of that camera.


Where could I send the photos to her ?

It would been so fun to send Jane Badler a couple of photos - as a memory after 10 years. This would be so fun to give it to her !

But where on earth would I send them ? I have no address. Unless I find one... Well, I'll have to look around and see if that possible.


Jane Badler was 59 years of age

when she performed in Stockholm back in 2013. I mean... come on - look at her - just wow ! So she is now around 69 years of age. And from what I understand, still very active.

Well good luck to everything more you will do, from here and onwards.

Kudos & Love !




Born in Brooklyn

Funny. I didn't realize that Jane Badler was born in Brooklyn, New York. So did Sal, my husband - albeit 15 years later *grin*

And The newer series of "V" - was done in 2011, which was actually 2 years prior her performance in Stockholm 2013. (I am just in this moment reading Wikipedia, just to start somewhere)

Oh, and her blog is working ( Wow. Maybe I can ask her, or the manager of that blog, if I can send her or via someone photos, so that they ultimately will reach her.

That would be wonderful.


A Note

(Albeit I first have to test print the images - if they hold up due to the strong colors - it may not come out so well. I have had troubles with (certaibn) too strong colors. [see next entry]

So, no promises yet, until i do have printed out good quality images.

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