When it boils down to everything...

what exactly is the Canon Selphy CP 1500 printer for ? I believe it is the most perfect Family printer. The kind of printer that gives you physical prints from your memories, for yourself, for your family, for friends and other people. To be able to give away high quality, long lasting prints.

It axles almost all kinds of photos - albeit I do prefer sometimes to make slight changes, in cases when the photo shows drifting (unexpected) colors cast not present in the digital photo. I have noticed at some occasion a drift towards a light greenish tint - but only in a very few images.

I usually correct that in Photoshop, by adding magenta to the image. But it happens only rarely that I get this "drifting color cast". Also I noticed that skies - sometimes - can be a bit too blue.

And then there are rare images, which simply don't want to come out good. Those are images which contain extremely pure colors, like cyan - to name a few. There, the details disappear totally. But you normally don't encounter this issue, because almost all images are made up out of many colors, whether bright or dull.

Here is one photo, i couldn't not get natural at all. The cyan was detail-less, and sort of "drowning" in the final prints, no matter what corrections I made. It just didn't work. The magenta and cyan where lifeless, flat and just made of solid (and darker looking) color. No features or details / nuances within those areas. I guess this has to do with the fact that the printer only uses 3 colors (and not even black). It is just made up out of yellow, magenta and then a last coasting with cyan.

That the images otherwise come out so brilliant and good, is already fascinating - given that it's really just 3 color coatings in total.



The above photo

is the only one out of 2 images (from a total of 100+ i already have printed) which didn't work at all. Every other photo came out with flying colors. OK, a few times I made a second photo with more brilliance, when I found that the overall colors were a bit dull, of slightly drifting towards a tiny bit of chilly green. The low cost of the coating rolls + paper - allows one easily to repeat a photo, change a photo, reprint a photo.

I think it is by far one of the best choice to make prints easily. On top it is highly affordable, both printer as well printing material - and on top, you get a longevity of a whopping 100 years.



It ain't professional. But it is damn good. Affordable, even on the long run - and creates long lasting images for generations if we are to believe Canon. On top, there is no ink that can dry out.

Working with it via iPhone app - works smooth. No problem what so ever. I do prefer using Photoshop when i prepare the images for export, into my iPhone and into the printer (via Wi-Fi).

I do not recommend using it as mobile printer (battery not included), for the simple reason, that when you get dust injected over time - it would affect the output in the images, between the coating of colors. I prefer to keep it at home, and cover it lightly, as well the space around, in order not to collect dust.

For mobile prints - a Instax Wide Link printer is probably the perfect way to go mobile. The Selphy with its very high quality, deserves to stay that way - without the risk of particle ingestions from your backpack, bag or whatever you would transport it in, when going out.


I couldn't be happier

To be really honest: I couldn't be happier. Here i was sitting on Christmas Eve, creating further prints, I add to the big book present I had let Fujifilm make on real (traditional) photo color paper. It was fun, it was easy - just to create additional photos and put them in between the books, as a present for friends and family. As Sal is just about to go to the Skavsta Airport in an hour or so - traveling to Catania, in Sicily.

Naturally I do understand that the printer isn't a professional printer in a strict meaning. There are limitations for those with a very keen eye and high demands. The printer doesn't aim to be a professional printer, either. And I simply must say - for what it does - it does it with flying colors.

I may one day after all buy myself a professional printer. But I do that ,when I have a clear demand for such endeavor.

Everything in its time.

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