Funny, how certain images comes to life after several years. In the main photo above, taken in Sicily, in a place called Mascalucia - which is a outer suburb north of the city Catania. The film was of the type you cannot buy anymore, called Bergger 400 BGF+ or something, which i exposed according to ISO 1250 with a 1.5 hour stand development in Rodinal 1+50 i think (or 1+100), i can't remember.

It is a very soft film, but due to the long developing time, it stiffens up a bit - and the shadows also lift a notch increasing the speed ever so slightly. On top, it is extremely grainy...

Yet, in the above photo, it all looks soooo.... I don't know. Like if you went back to old Italy 1950 !


I did cheat a little bit

by removing two traffic street signs and a parking lot sign with help of Photoshop's built in AI, which works great when it comes to realistic correction or removal yet blending it in naturally. It isn't great for creating new elements, but very good for natural correction...


Up like a sun, down like a pancake ?

Kind of strange, you know. Out of a sudden impulse and joy, i ordered two tickets for Sal and myself, going to Sicily in April 2024. Which for me would be the first time in 4 years. first i traveled 30x times to Sicily during 4 years, and then 0 time in the following 4 year period.

Now that we are going to Sicily, i have lately felt the opposite feeling; with highly mixed feelings i look forwards, and I don't know why i feel that way. I also got very confused when i thought about my photography there... As if the mind makes its own problems and complication while the heart doesn't have any problems. (and likely this is how it is going to be; my heart - the wise part of it - sees no problems, doubts or compilations)


A pure heart

can get omitted by second thoughts. It is a little bit like good energy is being manipulated though the back door, of ones artificial creation (the ego), and therefore it changes the resonance (by tinkering with thoughts of doubts) - and thereby changing a good idea into something one doubts.

Point taken.


I shut the door behind me, regarding Sicily

I guess it is just that after the lockdown shock in March-April 2020, I was so eager to get out. And when i got out - i literally left Sicily behind, and closed the doors behind me. My future plans changed radically - while I also found myself in a sort of vacuum. I mean the plan was to retire relatively early, and together with Sal move to Sicily.

After the radical lockdown and fierce measures taken by the gov in Italy - i just felt repulsion of that system. A deep loathing. What they did once, they can do again at any time... and boy did they push people in Italy. Like a fascist state. Or Stasi in DDR.

So i had a strong reaction to that deeply flawed, stringent system in Italy, locking down people for many months there - and then the absolutely ghastly force to get people jabbed, with something i knew already in the beginning was toxic to say the least. Fining people over 50 years of age, withdrawing money from their salary (100 € for every month), because they didn't want to take the jab.

What the fuck, you know ! That was not a country i wish to live in.

Democracy my ass at all levels, nothing.


Frikking Italian Police

I got an allergic reaction to everything that was Italy from that point on. And when fucking policemen try to separate you from your husband outsode the house, threatening you, because of a "flying virus particle" - locking down the whole frikkin country... How stupid we have been, how uneducated. Or better said - how wicked we have been educated in the nature of diseases, virus, and contagions.

Hollywood too plays a major roll injecting that "back door fear". Which came to full fruitation in 2020 and beyond anything we had seen ever before. People went crazy, and supported to abolishment of human rights and democracy. With a blink of an eye, approved governments simple making up rules, based on bullshit "science".


Hiccups from the past

Yeah, Suddenly, and despite having a wonderful ticket to Sicily, i get these strange "hiccups". Have I even realized how deeply the lockdown affected me back in March-April 2020 ? I find it strange that it still has such a strong pull, when i think about it. There is a part of me, who is both scared to death, and i simply don't feel that sense of trust. Not even to the nice people there... who mostly took the jab, and rejected I wanted to warn them from, what severe risk they would walk into. We used to listen earlier. but all of the sudden since 2020, nobody was listening.

While people are still dying like flies. Only that the media covers it up - so we are not even aware of it. I mean the average Mainstream user, isn't.

But then again- MY issue is mainly an issue of the mind - not the heart. I am sure I will overcome this - as I usually do. And then I can see, what it feels like to be back. And how the people feel like. How or in what way they might have changed.


How many modRNA jabs can the body take ?!

Are they aware of the most future injections (for all kinds of "diseases") will be modRNA based ? How many of such toxic, lethal genetic jabs can the body take before it starts to break down ?

There are countless in the pipeline, since Big Pharma now has gold in their eyes - and the money comes via Government (taxpayers money), but they don't have to deal with normal people anymore, and get their shit direction via corrupted governments - in the same way like Ursula von der Leyen ordered 1.8 billion modRNA shots via SMS (paid by taxpayers money). And then when "scrutinized" - well, "she can't remember" and "my SMS history is erased".

You too, should try to use that at tax office *LOL*

I am sure, it will not work for the average person. Just showing how corrupted and fucked up the current system really is. Leyen just serves her ego, and gives a rats ass over the people in the EU.

As the elite in the City of London often speaks about human beings in terms of -"They are annoying cattle".

And it is time to curb the shit


After a certain point in humanity, ladies and gentlemen...

I wonder though, who really is the cattle when it all boils down. We are not. Not really, I mean. At a certain point, not anymore, better said. It is them, who really are the black sheep, with fallen resonance and pretense, have no claim of any special "significance". They too have to spread their legs in order to shit on the toilette seat. There is nothing admirable about them or their attitude, nor their money or "wealth". I do not even understand whatever fancy there would be about their world ?

So, pardon me, my French, cocksuckers. Your time, too, is ticking. Just saying.

Cattle or no cattle.

But it is us to wake up.

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