Well and the genetic injections true nature - my God, talk about dark science. At least now the evidence is out for those who dare to seek. Thousands of studies showing the severity in those injections - which have absolutely nothing to do with "immunity", "prevention of disease" and "protection". Nothing. Absolution nothing.


Why would anyone put a SV40 promoter/enhancer into the jabs ?!

On the contrary - the more jabs, the more likely you get sick. And in the worse case people dying from many different diseases - not to mention turbo cancers. And there are many reasons for it, when you look at it from genetic point of view, all the wicked things that have been found in there - the hidden dynamics, the SV40 enhancer/promoters which in the presence of (foreign DNA, of which there was plenty in the vials), make sure that this foreign DNA is transcribed into the human genome in the cell core.

A SV40 promoter & Enhancer cannot go into the injections by itself.

Also, it serves absolutely no positive purpose. It has been shown in papers, that putting SV40 promoters into genetic shots, is very, very dangerous ! The former top boss at Paul-Ehrlich Institute or PEI (Dr Klaus Cichutek) himself, wrote several papers on the dangers. Therefore, it was KNOWN.

And yet, it was put into the genetic code... (Normally the T7 is what starts the transcription of the modRNA code... the SV40 promoters was absolutely not necessary nor served any purpose in the "aim" of wanting to "prevent" a respiratory disease.


What is SV40 ?

It is an ape virus - albeit in the modRNA genetic injections (only from Pfizer/Biontech) SV40 was used in this case, here only the promoter was used, not the ape virus itself. But this promoters is a very, dangerous thing. It makes sure that DNA is transcribed into the human cell (when DNA is present, which it was due to the massive contamination from DNA originated from a very special version of e.Coli bacteria). On top the SV40 promoter does something else; it can read genetic sequences in BOTH directions. Normally this only would happen into one direction, you know, like in a chain or row.


Unusual consequence: Foreign DNA + SV40 enhancer / promoter =
Silk spider protein = amyloid proteins = blood clots

But due to the presence of the SV40 enhancer & promoter, the transcription happens in BOTH directions, not just one. Now that leads to another extremely strange anomaly: When read in reserve direction, you get a molecule that resembles that of the silk spider. So, proteins are created that are equivalent to that of the silk spider. Or in other words; a silk protein, to which the human body has no way to breaking down. Like amyloids !!

Now you know where those extremely strong, very large blood clots came from, that undertakers pulled out of dead people (up to 1 meter long in the legs). Made out of proteins that the body can not break down - so it would accumulate instead, into a mass which eventually leads to entirely clogged blood vessels.


Garbage in the cells

When a human cell doesn't know what to do with strange or mis-folded proteins, it tries to store it in a corner somewhere (like garbage). Yet, because the cell is forced to produce these strange proteins, it is all accumulated. Eventually, the cell dysfunctions, or likely dies. And then those mis-folded proteins + foreign proteins debris are accumulating in the body, organs, heart and blood vessels. From the absolutely finest vessels to even the largest we've got... until the person suddenly dies. And boy, did many die of those grotesque white long blood clots undertakers and pathologists have been pulling out. There is a reasons why many countries avoided or demanded people to be burned without autopsy. Because the evidence lies in the dead bodies !


Endless 'errors'

But there are so many other aspects wrong in the genetic jabs, I don't even know where to start. At every single level we see fatal errors been committed. The jabs have nothing to do with health or protection. They are literally a bio-weapon. And was under the umbrella of the American DoD, Department of Defense ("Operation Warp Speed"), and seen as an act of countermeasure. While Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, etc - go free, because the mission was ruled under the US Department of Defense; where Big Pharma wasn't liable for any damages from the jabs. They could cook up anything they wanted. Well, they already did the tinkering and games years before - it didn't just start with "Warp Speed". That is just a nonsense cover for the cattle - oh i am sorry, for the people who were forced or believed to be good for you and your beloved ones, for immunity. No protection. No, for preventing the spread of virus. Oh no, that then later didn't work either...

99% immunity. And then it was less than 15%. And in reality, Big Pharma only used relative effectiveness. Which is total bull because it never tells you anything about the real protection in a large population.

Only absolute effectiveness is what is of interest with a treatment or medication.

Well, the genetic jabs against Covid never exceeded 1% in effectiveness. They quickly turned out negative - and at the most -300%. Which means, it made far more harm than good. There is no good left, when it goes negative. And it did so after some time, for all ranges of ages.

All this expensive bullshit - against a disease equivalent to a moderate flu, or 0.5% global mortality rate. While numerous existing safe medications already existed - which where/are highly effective against Covid - but got forbidden, denied and ridiculed.

You can't make that shit up.


Covid-19 jabs already ready in year 2018

Notice, that Pfizer / BioNTech already had genetic Covid-19 examples ready in Summer 2018 (!). I have the document on it, written in black and white, by themselves. So, make no mistake - Corona - was not an accident, nor was it something "out of the blue" or "novel".

Both Sars-1 (2003) and Sars-CoV-2 "virus" are genetically modified entities in labs, e.g. taken and altered via Bats, in so called "bioweapon science", or "gain-of-Function".


Boogey man game

Wuhan is only one piece of the puzzle, (to balme China at large) - but in reality, it is just a tiny puzzle in the whole scam. The origin itself is far older... and doesn't come from China. That is just political boogey man talk. Fort Detrick in the US, plays a larger roll than Wuhan. But there are many places where such bioweapons are being tinkered with, and created. In the Ukraine, after the fall of the UDSSR, USA financed at least 43 biowepon labs in Ukraine.

Go figure who is the daddy.



There is no way in hell, that this was an accident.

Those who put in the SV40 promoter/enhancer only could do it on purpose, which means, committed severe crimes against humanity. Blatantly. Silenty.

There are so many other oddities with the jabs - it is almost countless - and with severe consequences, that I don't understand how that could been done in the modRNA "vaccines", when there always were papers present in the past, pointing out at the dangers with modRNA based injections. But it seems the genetic "vaccines" (which are no vaccines at all) have been created in such a way, litterally put in every single issue, built-in these (mildly spoken) negative effects have on human health.

The rabbit hole is miles deep.


Exhausting for 4 years of reading and listening

I read most of it though the past years, listen to most of it in fine details down to the genetic codes and the countless weirdness that have been committed in the genetics about these "vaccines". For almost 4 years i have been at it - and it literally comes out of my ears now. I am stuffed with it. How many entries have I written on the Cassiopaean Forum about it... countless.


Everything is relative of course...

And yet, i am only an average person, who likely just understands 1% (or much less) of the real genetics and dynamics in detail. I never dreamed about that I one day would become a sucker of micro biology and genetics. And i don't know how many times it made my head spin with all that new knowledge. Sometimes i had to listen 4-5 times to a single session (á 2-3 hours) in order to start to understand the principles of what was discussed and laid out / e.g. genetic findings behind the jabs.

Yet, it also gave my great learning skills. I have never ever in my entire life, read so much, like in the past 4 years. Not even close...


No chance & not to chance

It also means I can take a serious discussion with any doctor, who is trying to promote me those "vaccines" of being good for your health and for protection.

It will not work, because I know far too much about it now, and will empthathise at every single level why these so called "vaccines" fail miserably at every step in the production and exceution - and simply can not hold true anything about health or safety.

So, no jabs what so ever.
Not with me & not in my name !

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